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Why do we need to Buy dates online? Buying dates from a reputable supplier and dates company is one of the serious needs of different countries. Dates are usually used as various sweeteners as a result of their natural sweetness. Dates fruit has high nutrition value that satisfies an appetence, creating them ideal snacks to avoid hunger.
For this reason, the consumption of varieties of organic dates and dried dates are increasing.

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nakhildates is very successful in online sale dates and exporting Fresh types of dates. We guarantee that we will export Iranian varieties fresh and dried dates, pitted dates with the best grade.
Medjool dates have dark brown skin with a scent like caramel. There are many types of dates palm fruits all over the world, but Ajwa dates are one of the most commercially produced dates in the world. Ajwa dates along organic Medjool dates are one of the best varieties of dates, which, despite the relatively high price, has more customers
Some varieties of dates that nakhildates company has been successful in exporting these fruits include:

Sayer dates

Sayer date is one among the most effective choices for a variety of dates is as a result of it’s a semi-dried dates which will be held on for a protracted time. This date has useful minerals and vitamins for the body.
Spain and France are the main costumers this dates.

Piarom dates

Piarom dates to be the most delicious and high-quality semi-dried dates in the world. Also to the amazing taste, it is famous for its high nutritional value and health benefits among the people. Piarom dates are one of the best varieties of Iranian export dates. Southern provinces of Iran are the main producers of these high-nutritional dates fruits.
Hormozgan province in Iran produces the highest production of Piarom dates. Also, this province produces the world’s best dates. The main buyer of the Piarom dates are often countries like Germany, Russia and Arab countries like Oman and the UAE.

Mazafati dates

Mazafati fresh Dates Bam is one of the most delicious dates in Iran. One of the most important and most popular types of dates that grow inside Iran is the Mazafati dates. These dates are one of the most valuable and most tasty dates in Iran and the world. Mazafati dates are exported to most foreign countries such as India, Germany, Singapore, and Arab countries.
The Mazafati and Piarom dates are one of the most dates fruits for exports to Germany and the European Union. The Mazafati (Mazafati rotab) are often black.

Rabbi dates

Rabbi dates are one of the most varied kinds of dates. The dates of Rabbi Sistan and Baluchestan Iran have been registered globally. Iran has an impressive activity in the export date market. The largest export of Rabbi dates is to Russia and Turkey. For export of Rabbi dates, 5 and 10-kilo package boxes are customary.

Zahedi dates

Zahedi is one of the best types of dry dates. The demand for these dates is more than its domestic demand. The high shelf life of Zahedi dates and the high application of these dates in various industries are the reasons for the high export of these dried dates.

Kabkab dates

Kabkab dates are one of the most important types of dates in Iran, which is in economic and export fruits.
Without a doubt, the Bushehr province of Iran produces more than 80 percent of the Kabkab dates. This organic date plays an important role in the production and export of these dates in Iran and the world. These dates are sweet and coarse with a thick shell.

Dates company

Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Oman, and Libya are the 10 most popular producers of dates in the world. As a result, the production of fresh dates in Iran is high. So, Iranian produced dates have high popularity in other countries.
Iranian export dates are mostly packed in cartons weighing 3, 5, 10 kg. Also, if the buyer wants it, the carton will be available in other packing weights.
 Export dates to foreign countries have characteristics.
High quality and excellent quality types of dates
Suitable export package
The date size is appropriate according to its type
One of the most important factors in the field of export of organic dates plays a very important role, the type of dates is according to the taste of the buyer’s country.
In this regard, nakhildates advisors are ready to assist buyers of dates.
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Where to buy fresh dates?

The Nakhildates Co, with direct access to fresh dates palm in the palm trees of Iran, has created very good conditions for cooperation with businessmen and businessmen.

Direct delivery without the intermediary of the best kinds of export dates

Custom packaging according to customer’s interests
Date quality guarantee
Possibility to supply high-tonnage date orders
Collaborate with the best warehouse and date chambers throughout the country

dates cost

Date prices depend heavily on the quality of the dates. If the quality of the dates is low, the price of the dates decreases.
Some factors affecting the quality of dates fruits are:

  1. Dates keeping temperature
  2. Quality Packing Dates products
  3. The Dates fruit harvest season
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