Best Tips About Dates in Pregnancy

Is it safe to eat dates in pregnancy?

Dates are not only popular because of its sweetness and delicacy, but it also has many benefits for eating it during pregnancy. Sayer dates are semi-dried dates and have amazing features for mother and baby. As a result, Sayer dates along with other types of dates like Mazafati dates, Piarom dates, Rabbi dates, Shahani dates have similar properties for the health of pregnant women.

An important part of a healthy diet is the date. This fruit is rich in nutrients that are important for the growth and health of the body. The importance of this nutrient during pregnancy will multiply.

What are in dates?

Some nutrients in the date make it an important food for pregnant mothers are:

Potassium: This electrolyte helps maintain a balance between water and salt in the body. Eating dates will help regulate the blood pressure of pregnant women.

Vitamin K: is one of the main vitamins that is not enough in the body of the baby at birth. The mother provides the amount of vitamin K needed for the baby by dates.

Fatty acids: Amazingly effective in saving energy. And its proper distribution throughout the day is very effective in overcoming fatigue.

Calcium: During pregnancy, the calcium needed by the baby’s body is provided by the mother. Because calcium is not produced in the body, calcium intake is important for the health of teeth and bones.

benefits of dates in pregnancy

Enhancing energy

Dry dates like sayer dates are an extraordinary source of energy. Natural sugar, along with fiber that is present in the date, can provide body energy for a longer period of time.

Contributing to the development of the fetus

Magnesium in types of dates is an incredible and useful mineral. Thus, the use of dates is an effective factor in the health of teeth and fetal bones. Also, Magnesium is essential in boosting muscle health in pregnant women.

A good alternative to sugar and sweets

Dates are a good alternative to the sugar you need. You can make great desserts using dates. Remember, despite all the benefits to date, this fruit contains natural sugars. Excessive consumption has devastating effects.

dates is safe in pregnancy

Treatment of allergies

This palm fruit contains natural sulfur. Sulfur is rarely found in food. but its effects on human health are many. Dates can reduce these seasonal allergies by inserting sulfur into the diet.

Eliminates constipation

Pregnant women sometimes suffer from constipation. Dates contain a good amount of dietary fiber that facilitates and relieves digestion of food in the intestines.
So, the date is able to end constipation. Due to the removal of constipation, you can take the dates alone and directly. Or you can take the dates one night in a glass of water and drink it the next morning.

useful for anemia

Anemia occurs when the quality and quantity of red blood cells do not suffice for proper body functions. iron deficiency is one of the causes of anemia. During pregnancy, the body’s need for iron is increased and the need for iron supplements is increasing. The consumption of dates contributes to the body’s iron content.

Protecting the health of the nervous system

Dietary vitamins enhance the mother’s and baby’s nervous system. Also, with the use of dates during pregnancy, mental activity is also higher.

Advice on the benefits of eating dates during pregnancy for health

studies show that it is better to start pregnant women eating dates about four weeks before their estimated delivery date.
The recommended daily intake of dates to enjoy its benefits during pregnancy is 6 dates per day and 40 dates per week.

Does the eating of dates for pregnant women have a damaging effect?

High sugar content: increase the weight and risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Excessive fiber: Excessive fiber intake cause diarrhea, other problems with the digestive tract.
It is best to drink enough water and keep a modest consumption of dates and other foods.


The presence of vitamins and nutrients in the date will change the process of delivery in the best way. You can take the dates into the kitchen in the form of raw, dry or delicious seasonings, and enjoy the benefits.

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